My Podcast

This Podcast aims to be fun, honest and creative. I give my best that you get interesting guests on my show to tell about their experience and knowledge on innovation and creativity and more. My aim is not to cut anything out of the interview and leave it as the discussion went on. As little post production and cutting as possible. For a smooth and nice experience.

Podcast Shows

#000 Pilote Episode

Here I introduce my self and the path I took to come up with creating my own podcast. 
For me it was important to create the format I am comfortable with and would like to listen to. Including the content that fits me. For now that means learning more about innovation, creativity and start-up businesses. 

#001 Martin Zulliger Co-Founder UpSpin Innovation


#002 Olivier Walther - Freelance Photographer


#003 Mix:Analog. Creativity, Innovation, Start-Up Life


#004 Dr. Radhakrishna Jamadagni, CEO & Co-Founder AiHighway, AiSteth, Start-Up