About Me

"Creator of Disruption and space for new thinking and innovation.

Hands on personality who can combine analytical and creative thinking to create new solutions"

Like all great things, I started small. I had the idea of creating a Podcast for a long time. It took some time to figure out what it really was I wanted to talk about. 

Creativity, creative problem solving, innovation and personal growth were always topics that I was interested in in many different ways. Furthermore I wanted to in-cooperate my curiosity to learn from and work with a wide range of people with different cultural and work background. 

And Boom. There we go. I found what I wanted to do.

Creating a Podcast with and interviewing set up where I want the listener to feel like he is sitting next to us and can enjoy a fresh and informative talk. The length of the interviews will differ as the guests differ and their available time for the interview or information they want to share with us.

I am mostly interested in: 

  • How can we as individuals or organizations be more creative and innovative? 
  • How and, or where do we find the right ideas for our project, products ans services?  
  • What are the tools, processes and thoughts my guest use and how can the listeners apply those?
  • Is there an answer to what creativity and innovation really are? 


My quest on this podcast is to find answers to those questions. I will search for creative and innovative people from all specs of work and private live. It can be a hobby artist or a known musician or actor to an innovative start-up or well established innovation scientist. 

This podcast is about interviewing interesting people that have a story to tell about their creative, innovative life. 


If you know someone you consider highly creative or innovative let me know.


My purpose is: 
My Vision: 
My Mission: 

I’m an expert in my field but I wouldn’t be where I am without those who've helped me along the way. That’s why I love connecting with like-minded people and using my passion and skills to make a difference.

I am a Jack-Of-Many-Trades, a Maverick that loves to learn and improve. But there is nothing more powerful than to help others to reach their goals and see opportunities way beyond that. 
My dream is to take my family, friends and customers to fly with me high above the trees and mountains and see the beauty of the impossible.