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To learn more about Creativity & Innovation I started a Podcast and blog. Here I will dissect the tools, routines, methods that can help you to be more creative and enable to come up with the next great innovation or idea and hopefully happier life.

What to expect from me

Oliver Schirach The Podcast about Innovation and Creativity

This Podcast is for everyone that is interested in learning more about creativity, innovation and personal growth.  

The goal of this podcast is to dissect the tools, methods and routines from my guests that can help you to be more creative in your life and enable you to be more playful and happy or even come up with the next great innovation idea that changes the world.
To give you the most authentic experience you'll be listening to me and my quests as if you where part in the conversation. Sometimes those talks are short and sometimes long, or they might be spread over several episodes. 

Creative Problem Solving

Oliver Schirach Innovation and Creativity

My Podcast

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My Blog

In my blog you find things that I am currently working on, creative projects, or things around creativity, innovation and personal improvement that are interesting me.

My Creative Projects

I believe that we all have the creative gene. Not all are artistic but we all can solve problem creatively if we allow ourselves. 
For me it is very important to get those Ideas out. So I created this portfolio page to showcase what I have done so far and what are my future projects. 
If you see something that sparks your interest or you see the potential that I can help you let me know and contact me

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The Oliver Schirach Show the Podcast about Innovation and Creativity

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